Overthinking Everything

I champion underdogs and admire success. I always hold the door open for the person behind me. I do not suffer mean people with grace. I count everything, from the tiles in the floor to the words on the backs of soup cans.  I am a word junkie and a lover of Merlot and Hersey’s Dark Chocolate.  I rescue animals and try to teach people to rescue themselves.

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The only thing passive about me is….well nothing.

And one more very small but important detail…No material on this site may be reproduced — as a whole or in part, without a link back to this site  or permission of the author; You may LIKE, SHARE, TWEET, PRESS, PIN or any other such thing to your hearts content…and It would make me infinitely happy if you would.  :>) Big Grin

Nana Anna’s Notes = ®

3 Responses to Overthinking Everything

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