It’s Perfectly Alright to be Wrong

Merry Christmas Baby (album)

Merry Christmas Baby (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was extremely busy, it seems I started the race two steps behind and finished in last place.  Sometimes it just works out that way.  It really used to stress me out if things failed to occur in the order I believed they should, it doesn’t anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I still wish I could bend the world and all its inhabitants to my idea of perfection, but don’t we all.  If you said no, I strongly suggest you take a seriously long look at reality.  It’s human nature, or maybe it’s the part of human nature that is most like God.  I am Christian by faith; it is a belief that works for me.  I also believe we each have our own path and that sometimes places me at odds with mainstream fundamental Christianity, pay close attention to how little I care about mainstream anything.  Anyway, to carry on; if God created the earth and everything in it, it stands to reason he/she likes having things his/her own way.  So, if we as humanity were created in God’s image, it makes perfect sense that we too would seek to have our own way.

Are you asking yourself, where in the world is this endless chatter leading? I don’t blame you one bit.  What does it have to do with anything?  It has everything to do with everything.  If you live your life refusing to state what you believe and even worse refusing to take action on what you believe, then do you believe at all?  Or do you just like to look as if you do?  And if it’s not worth even verbalizing, then how great could it be?  Most of us will tell everyone about a great restaurant or a good movie, but when it comes to taking a chance and saying something of substance we’ve all been told…no, no, no.

I enjoy the differences in people.  I like different points of view.  I think it is important to pass the idea of agreeing to disagree on to our children.  I did.  I promise we have disagreed plenty of times.  It did not stop us from loving each other, because you can disagree with respect.  In fact, does it even make sense to disagree with someone you don’t respect?  I would not waste the mental effort.

So today, every email I sent ended with “Merry Christmas.”   I wondered briefly after hitting the send button if I offended anyone.  I am well-trained in correctness.  But I had to ask myself if sharing a personal and joyful expression of my faith was the wrong thing to do.  I decided it wasn’t.

So here ya go…..Merry Christmas!

Boy, that sure felt good.  🙂


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