Going Once..Going Twice…Going Three Times…Sold to the Pale Guy in the Back Row.

Considered a father of Western medicine, Hippo...

Considered a father of Western medicine, Hippocrates advocated the healing effects of food. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I see nothing wrong with the idea of organ donation. I would be the first in line to save the life of a loved one. I also think it is crazy to outlaw the selling of your own organs…it’s my kidney and if I want to sell it…then why not. Same goes for sex…I disagree with laws that prohibit the selling of it. I can sell my plasma, and I can have an abortion. But I can’t sell a kidney, lung or cornea. I could not have a tubal ligation without the written consent of my spouse, but I could have aborted as many of his unborn children I wanted without his knowledge.

It is my understanding that if you sign up to give away a kidney, the surgeon will often conduct a formal investigation before approving the procedure What is he looking for, payment to the donor. It is considered unethical as well as against the law to receive payment in exchange for organ donation. Should payment be found the surgery will be cancelled, the donor prosecuted and the patient dies. Everyone looses. But drive a few miles down the road and ask a cosmetic surgeon to remove a rib because you desire a barbie doll waist line. You can have it done in exchange for big bucks. In general I am confused. Is a kidney more sacred than a rib?

What can we conclude from this observation: It is illegal to sell your kidney to a sick person, because someone has decided it is unethical. If it is unethical to sell an organ, how can it be ethical to sell medicine at all? Aren’t both basically the same thing…a product or service provided to sick people for money in hopes of attaining a state of health?

I even gave some thought to the idea of the Hippocratic oath. It is my understanding that the folks who manufacture most of our life saving medications which are sold for the highest and best price never took any kind of oath. If drug companies can do it…why can’t we? And wouldn’t that oath if followed to the letter prohibit the removal of body parts for any reason other than medically necessary? Bad news for people with an unwanted mole or extra nipple. If you are laughing..stop…I hear they exist.

Call me a rebel, but either it is my body or it isn’t. If it isn’t, I want all my medical, dental, vision, long term health care, and eventual old age home, death and burial paid for by the people who own it. Go one step further with the same argument and provide me a free place to live, free food and free clothing too. Otherwise, shut up and let me decide what I would like to do with the only thing I can ever completely possess…myself.

I wonder if I can trade a kidney for new boobs and a face lift…seems fair to me.

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