A Nightmare from Before Halloween

There is no rest dreams;
His devoted servant
Haunts me in darkness.
I run and run and do not escape.
The earth swallows me
And spits me down into the belly of the demon
Where his laughter rings;
Where there is no end to suffering.
Like always.
Like always.
One simple kind word,
One tiny scrap of recognition
Would save me
Yet, he refuses.
Oh, what horror what terrible, horrible horror
Am I?
That he wishes me here.
The giver of her womb
Of perfection
Hope of salvation
From aloneness in distant valleys.
At slumber does he
Give prayers of thanks
To God
The light….
Or will forever find
In him
No acknowledgement
Of our joining.

About Anna Pizzulo Moyer

Creative Writer-Property Manager-Lover of Animals, Plants and People.
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