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A Wordy Worthy Read

If a journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step, the road to understanding the struggles of literary pursuit in education begin with Mark Edmundson’s essay Why Read? A relatively short work in terms of length it none … Continue reading

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Original New Prog-Rock

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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The Deconstruction of a Modern Myth

Consider yourself officially blogged into the Humanities Program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Dan Brown’s contemporary novel, The DaVinci Code blends the lines between fact and fiction and builds a case against one of humanity’s most widely … Continue reading

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This Dog Wants to Go Around The World!

This is Grace She has a Monkey Face In honor of all loving creatures, share her, click her, re-blog her, pin her, ping her, and all that other stuff. Oh, the joy of finding a life that loves you….woof!🙂 Visit … Continue reading

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OH NOooooooo

Not another Facebook bathroom photo! If you think celebrities are the only ones effected by their public image, think again. My mother said, “never do anything you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of the newspaper.” Yes, you … Continue reading

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Word of Day

Ekphrasis : The use of language as either commentary or description when writing about a piece of visual art; the painting of a picture with words. Can be employed to either support or alter the visual artist’s original work. Now … Continue reading

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Finding Freddie

Tonight, while trying to do nothing meaningful and with the television playing in the background, I wandered the literary halls of cyberspace. I found this cool old book cover just as Freddie Mercury‘s unforgettable voice began to serenade me. So, … Continue reading

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Two boxes from the bakery, one cigarette and a slick street. Despite all odds this lady refuses to give up on fashion and wear sensible shoes…I like her already.

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Going Once..Going Twice…Going Three Times…Sold to the Pale Guy in the Back Row.

I see nothing wrong with the idea of organ donation. I would be the first in line to save the life of a loved one. I also think it is crazy to outlaw the selling of your own organs…it’s my … Continue reading

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