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And Why – a thought on equality

Who proclaims What song plays; When love asks Where shall we dance? Dana and Mary….Congratulations on your engagement from your cousin here in Arkansas.🙂

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Team Laundry

I was recently asked to write a statement of personal belief based on a story from my life.  I hope you enjoy it. In 1993, I went without an ordinary convenience and learned to value the power of teamwork.  Even … Continue reading

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Echo Evolution

I am the poet I stand on the mountain And SCREAM I am here. I am. I am the writer I stand on the mountain And ROAR I know. I do. I am the girl I stand on the mountain … Continue reading

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Going Once..Going Twice…Going Three Times…Sold to the Pale Guy in the Back Row.

I see nothing wrong with the idea of organ donation. I would be the first in line to save the life of a loved one. I also think it is crazy to outlaw the selling of your own organs…it’s my … Continue reading

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Notes on Sons…this stuff worked for me.

Throughout the last few months I’ve actively participated in a class on American Motherhood.  I have absorbed information on everything from the economics of parenting to the effects of slavery on African women.  I learned that my mother’s generation  is … Continue reading

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